Thursday, September 17, 2009

gimme s'more

When my book club last met (and I use the term "book club" loosely, as it implies that the members have read), we were in theory meeting to discuss The Russian Debutante's Handbook, which I bought for a penny on Amazon. The icky main character, Vladimir, is a Russian immigrant who grew up in Westchester. Vodka-and-caviar tarts sounded adventurous, but instead I opted for chocolate marshmallow cupcakes. After all, what is more suburban than marshmallows? I really didn't like the book, but the cupcakes weren't bad.

Start with chocolate cake mix and prepare as directed. If you're not feeling lazy, make it from scratch.
Mix and pour into 12 muffin cups.
Oops...might have poured a bit too much. Anywho, when they are are about five minutes from being done, remove from the oven and press a marshmallow into the center of each cupcake.
Return the cupcakes to the oven for about three more minutes. Remove from the oven again and press down on the marshmallows with the back of a spoon. Put them back in for a few more minutes or until the cupcakes are done. Eat. Enjoy. Do a shot.


  1. i want another one please. which is clearly a good idea considering the number of chocolate peanut butter cupcakes i've consumed this week. why do you insist on making me fat?!

  2. You caught me. I want you to grow out of your clothes so that you'll give them to me.